Adela Farré

I developed a career of over 30 years in the world of communication in several sectors and since 2009 I have focused on the areas of research and entrepreneurship in biotechnology and healthcare. Being editor (2009 and 2011), managing editor (2013) and collaborator (2015) of Biocat Report —the reference study on life sciences ecosystem in Catalonia— has allowed me to deepen knowledge of this dynamic and innovative sector.

As Communications Director of Biocat (2009-2015) and the Barcelona Science Park (2015-2016) I collaborated with all key sector stakeholders, public and private, in an effort to raise awareness and raise the international profile of companies and research institutions working in this field in Catalonia.

Trained as a journalist, before landing in the bio-healthcare sector I wrote in several newspapers (1980-1990), about local news, economy and, above all, culture. In 1990 I joined the team of the National Art Museum of Catalonia (MNAC) as Media Manager and the following year I became Head of Cabinet of the Director General, with Dr. Xavier Barral, position that allowed me to live at the forefront the great cultural and social events of the 1992 Olympic Games.

In 1995 I made a radical change and I joined Intermón as Media Manager and for 15 years I was part of the team that made that this small Catalan NGO became the great international cooperation agency that is now Oxfam Intermon. I went from working alone to lead a team of 14 professionals (press officers, web editors, writers, photographers) and 40 volunteers throughout Spain; we made that 400 brief notes in newspapers a year grew til more than 5,000 relevant impacts in press, radio and TV; I coordinated global media actions for awareness campaigns and emergency responses of the Oxfam family; and we made that OI became a key reference information source on the Third Sector in Spain.

In 2006 I left briefly Oxfam Intermon to work in the private sector and as an independent consultant, and in 2007 I returned to the NGO to lead the Area of Image and Corporate Identity. As such, I was responsible for brand management, advertising, events organization, the relationship program with celebrities & opinion leaders, and corporate publications, heading a team of seven people.

Parallel to this career, I have held positions of responsibility as a volunteer in the cultural sphere (I was part of the founder team of Jazz Terrassa Festival in 1982 and I chaired the association Amics de les Arts i Joventuts Musicals de Terrassa [2009-2013]); I published books and articles on culture, solidarity and innovative clusters, among other issues; I am a blogger ( and and a restless dilettante on social networks.

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